Why is a hammock an important donation to people in need?

High Hopes Hammock Company has been committed to providing a reliable place to rest for those living in third world countries and those affected by natural disasters. As many of you have heard, Hurricane Harvey caused more than $180 billion dollars of damage just second to Hurricane Katrina. After hearing about the 203,000 homes that were damaged, High Hopes Hammock Company contacted victims living in Porter, Texas. 

One family affected by Harvey was unable to evacuate their flooded home and had no where to sleep. After our donation,  three hammocks were hung up on the support beams of their porch so they had a stable place to sleep while the damages are being repaired.

Another place we've recently donated to is a town in Honduras where hammocks were hung up in impoverished farmers homes who had previously been sleeping on pallets of wood and cloth sacks on the ground. 

This fall while you are cuddled up in hammock enjoying the weather remember that your purchase is helping someone in need.