Being a Rep

Being a rep means that you will be joining us on our mission to provide all homeless people with a place to sleep. One place we are currently donating is an Orphanage in Kenya that provides sleeping space to at risk young men and woman who would otherwise end up homeless. Without hammocks for this center these children would end up sleeping on the floor and many of them slept off of the ground for the first time in their life after receiving donations from us. We also donate survival kits and monetary donations to people in need.  As sales rep you will represent High Hopes in a positive way by giving your network an chance to purchase hammocks from us or make donations. You will do this through, writing blog posts, participating in our competitions, volunteering in your local area, and in the future joining us on volunteer trips.


Commission and discount code

You will be given a discount for 20% off our products on our website for every hammock that is sold with your discount code you will receive an 8% discount on our products. This discount will add up for all your sales and you can use it to get free clothing and hammocks. 

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